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We need a better OS

I think we need a better operating system. I’ve been using various operating systems in the last decade and still feeling there is a gap in the consumer operating system.


I’m currently using macOS for the day to day job and started to hate it. I guess Apple wants to destroy MacOS. Plus, we are paying at least 2x price for the hardware when it comes to upgrade, and Apple is still shipping new MBP with 8G ram without shame…


Oh, Ubuntu. You’re my favorite Linux-based operating system.

Sheldon Cooper

As a developer, I can use Ubuntu as the default operating system. However, as a consumer, It’s far away from the non-tech savvy folks. Yesterday, I spent an hour figuring out how to add a new screen resolution. Basically, it’s not so easy to use it without opening the terminal. And terminal itself is way too scary for the non-tech-savvy users.


Honestly, Microsoft is doing a good job on their side and probably virtual boxes or containers are good enough for the development environment. However, I still don’t like the shell in there. I want to use my dot files, and don’t want to spend time when exporting some global executable path.


I’d like to use a linux/unix-based OS supported by a commercial company. It has to provide a good experience as an end-user. Yes, I’m capable to do most of the things with Linux distros by installing various utilities… But, I’m lazy to figure out those things.

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  1. Topher Avatar

    Checkout System76 and their distro Pop_OS. It’s also a debian derivative, but commercially supported. You can run it on any hardware, you don’t have to buy from Systekm76, though their stuff is quite nice.

    1. mustafauysal Avatar

      Oh! I haven’t heard that before. It looks promising 👍🏼

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

    2. Eric Avatar

      Nice! This is way cool.

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