Mustafa Uysal

I'm traveling light, it's au revoir…


  • I took a stab at testing TiDB with WordPress today, but since the setup went past the famous five-minute mark, I’ve decided to jot down a note for myself and those who try to use TiDB with WordPress.

  • Yesterday I’ve upgraded one of my servers that is running on Ubuntu 18.04; since it’s reaching EOL it’s better to perform timely updates. While upgrading the OS, why not upgrade MariaDB, right? So, I’ve upgraded it to 10.6.12 and this morning realized that one of the sites has been ruined with messed up characters.

  • Electricity is one of the fundamental things that ruin your day immediately when it’s absent. I feel like back in the stone ages, far away from civilization and completely useless. Since I live in a small town, it’s more annoying because power cuts happen quite often. In this post, I will try to share my…

  • I think we need a better operating system. I’ve been using various operating systems in the last decade and still feeling there is a gap in the consumer operating system.

  • It’s been a quite long week for me. I wanted to launch my new product at the beginning of the week but it took more than I expected. (Of course, it’s the holiday season, and getting an email response from stakeholders can take longer. )

  • I’m excited to announce that, I will be joining 10up as a Senior Web Engineer on next Monday. (Oct, 7)

  • Great talk by Rasmus Lerdorf. (especially the final part)

  • Oh, Redis!

    Today, I was working on shifting our object caching backend to Redis at NefisYemekTarifleri. And, it didn’t go well.

  • I just finished the setup of a brand new Graylog 3 server and wanted to share my configuration for sending HAProxy logs. I’m not digging into the server setup. It’s super simple; you can find out docker-compose configuration on the official docs.

  • As a challenging part of working at the, first three days Ramadan is the busiest time for us. We get max requests during that period. So, I just wanted to highlight some stats for taking note to myself and sharing some stats about WordPress at scale.