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daily note

  • Hello, 33!

    As the Earth completes another orbit around the sun, marking yet another journey of 365 days, I find myself standing at the threshold of my 33rd year.

  • Bluebird

    I’ve released a new version of Handywriter today, now featuring recent Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities. The results are quite impressive. Here is the famous “Bluebird” poem by Charles Bukowski. (Maybe next time, it will sing “Famous Blue Raincoat” by L.Cohen?)

  • Happy 20th birthday, WordPress. We’ve known each other since around 2008, and I’ve been contributing in some way since 2011. Even though my contributions are often tiny, like a drop in the ocean, thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to 43% of the web.

  • Yesterday I’ve upgraded one of my servers that is running on Ubuntu 18.04; since it’s reaching EOL it’s better to perform timely updates. While upgrading the OS, why not upgrade MariaDB, right? So, I’ve upgraded it to 10.6.12 and this morning realized that one of the sites has been ruined with messed up characters.

  • I’ve launched Handywriter today. It’s been one of my favorite tools in WordPress since I built it. It’s a good feeling to be a consumer of your own product. And, Handywriter is not an exception, it helps me a lot while blogging.

  • I’m struggling with overthinking a lot these days. And it’s not easy to deal with overthinking when you have an engineering mindset.

  • Hello, 31!

    This year was like a roller coaster for me. Ups and downs, decisions, and changes…

  • En Paz…

    Photo by João Costa on Unsplash

  • Yesterday I’ve pushed a quick fix to my 2,5 years old photonized project. It’s a simple and easy-to-use image resizer and optimizer (based on photon). I’ve personally tested it on the large-scale websites under the high traffic (behind the CDN ofc) and it works quite well with the minimum configurations. So, you can consider as…

  • Cold Brew

    My coffee got cold again, sometimes I think my brain needs a pause button…