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The Tech and The Wealth It Creates

I made my appointment for the first dose of the BioNTech vaccine today, and (once again) I’m grateful that we are living in such a good time. When we look the past outbreaks, the development time of the vaccine is quite fascinating. And thankfully we have those technologies which make this happen.

Sometimes I see grumpy people that complain and blame technology for the corruption in society. And they are thinking completely wrong, but why?….

Health is Wealth

As a cliché “health is wealth” and the data show us that we are getting wealthier every single day by the improvements on mankind.

(props to Tim for tweeting this –

I don’t know what you think but I wouldn’t like to live a century ago.

The Ultimate Leverage

The technology is the ultimate leverage and it works like a multiplier most of the time. As a negative example; a data breach can affect millions of people. On the other side, you can ship software that runs on countless computers and do the exact same job perfectly. The good part is that once you build software it’s nearly cost zero to distribute it. (Of course, this doesn’t apply all the things but you get the basic idea)

Thanks to technology, you can order 7/24 from an online shop, track your food delivery in real-time, educate yourself, bored? watch some movies so on…

I met with the internet almost 2 decades ago and it still seems like magic and it opens new possibilities to increase the comfort of life. An average person today is wealthier than the kings in history and this is not something that you want to complain.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Arthur C. Clarke

Remote Work

I used to work from remote (way before the pandemic) and I didn’t have any doubt about remote working will be the future of the work. As a side effect of the pandemic, it’s becoming mainstream last year and a bunch of tech giants already started to transition to remote only or hybrid models. it’s happening faster than everyone expected with the tools that we have today (zoom, slack…. you name it). (Of course, remote working doesn’t apply for everybody but it’s nice to see the internet removes the geographical distances.)


If you don’t have any issues with visas and have enough budget for plane/bus/train tickets. You can visit X country easily when you compare to visit the same place 100 years ago.

If you don’t have a money problem at all, you can use a private jet to have dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurants and back to your country on the same day…(such a time to be live, huh?)

If you were living 100 years ago, probably the furthest distance you will ever see will be the frontline of the war. If it’s not the latest distance…

Delivery At The Speed of Life

I’ve started to watch “Human: The World Within” on Netflix while walking on my treadmill and learned Zipline. It literally saves lives and making the world a better place.

The Tech as the Language of the World

When I visit a pizza restaurant in Ukraine ~6 years ago, they didn’t have an English menu and I have literally no idea about the language or the Cyrillic alphabet. I’ve used Google Translate’s real-time translation (it was beta if I remember correctly) and able to order without using my hand signs like a crazy monkey.

If I visited that restaurant 10 years ago, likely I won’t order anything.

A Superhero Without Power!

It’s normal to feel like a superhero without power when your phone runs out the battery. Our phones are adding a superpower even we are not cyborg or iron man.

Embrace The Tech As a Whole

Learning and adaptation get harder as we get older and people get scared of the unknown. Perhaps this is the reason that why elderly people complain more about the tech. But the fact that I didn’t see a single grandparent who doesn’t smile when seeing a grandchildren’s photo on their phone.

The welfare level is not even comparable with a decade ago and it’s something that I’m grateful for with the tech.

PS: Each heading worth to be a separate blog post but I don’t have time or energy to write about them. I just wanted to add random examples.

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