MySQL/MariaDB Character Problems: latin1_ to utf8_

Yesterday I’ve upgraded one of my servers that is running on Ubuntu 18.04; since it’s reaching EOL it’s better to perform timely updates.

While upgrading the OS, why not upgrade MariaDB, right? So, I’ve upgraded it to 10.6.12 and this morning realized that one of the sites has been ruined with messed up characters.

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Backup plan for power outages!

Electricity is one of the fundamental things that ruin your day immediately when it’s absent. I feel like back in the stone ages, far away from civilization and completely useless. Since I live in a small town, it’s more annoying because power cuts happen quite often.

In this post, I will try to share my backup plan to keep the power and my sanity when electricity is not available.

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En Paz…

At Peace

“Very close to my sundown, I bless you, life
because you never gave me false hope,
nor unjust work, nor undeserved punishment;
because I see at the end of my rough path
that I was the architect of my own destiny;
if I extracted the sweetness or bitterness of things,
It was because I put bitterness and sweetness into them,
when I planted rose bushes, I always reaped roses.

Surely, winter will follow my vim and vigor:
But you never told me that May would last forever!”

I found without a doubt the nights long with my sorrows;
but you didn’t promise me just good nights;
and instead, I had some blessed and serene [nights]…

I loved, I was loved, the sun caressed my face
Life, you owe me nothing! Life, we are at peace!”

Amado Nervo

Photo by João Costa on Unsplash