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I'm traveling light, it's au revoir…

  • Hello 30!

    Sigh! I’m turning 30 today. I’m an old, wise, and grumpy man now.

  • I’m so tired of seeing shady marketing techniques around WordPress plugins. I’m writing this post about plugins particularly but the same thing applies to themes too.

  • It’s been a quite long week for me. I wanted to launch my new product at the beginning of the week but it took more than I expected. (Of course, it’s the holiday season, and getting an email response from stakeholders can take longer. )

  • A famous quote from Buddha, “Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming.” is so true for Today’s tech world. Some of my old blog posts are not valid anymore and maintaining a blog post is not “doable” to me.

  • ChangeNow it’s time for changeNothing stays the sameNow it’s time for change

  • Stuck at home because of coronavirus and looking for the multiplayer games that doesn’t require installation? Here are the three games that I’ve enjoyed while playing.

  • One of the best things about using Spotify is yearly wrapped statistics. I want to add a few screenshots to remember my music taste 2010s. Well, probably lastfm gives better insight since I’m scrobbling for a long time.

  • This detail made my day about the docking scene in Interstellar.

  • I’m excited to announce that, I will be joining 10up as a Senior Web Engineer on next Monday. (Oct, 7)

  • I’m excited to announce a brand new caching plugin, Wonder Cache. It’s a simple yet powerful caching plugin. It powers and abilities include: superhuman strength and durability. It’s forked from Batcache. First of all, I want to highlight Batcache. It’s an amazing caching plugin that empowers around a decade. We definitely say it’s a…