En Paz…

At Peace

“Very close to my sundown, I bless you, life
because you never gave me false hope,
nor unjust work, nor undeserved punishment;
because I see at the end of my rough path
that I was the architect of my own destiny;
if I extracted the sweetness or bitterness of things,
It was because I put bitterness and sweetness into them,
when I planted rose bushes, I always reaped roses.

Surely, winter will follow my vim and vigor:
But you never told me that May would last forever!”

I found without a doubt the nights long with my sorrows;
but you didn’t promise me just good nights;
and instead, I had some blessed and serene [nights]…

I loved, I was loved, the sun caressed my face
Life, you owe me nothing! Life, we are at peace!”

Amado Nervo

Photo by João Costa on Unsplash

Famous hard problems in computer science

I’ve been working hard on the new version of PoweredCache for a while and hope to announce the new version soon (very soon). I found myself repeating famous phrases from Phil Karlton a lot.

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Photonized: On-the-fly image resizer and optimizer

Yesterday I’ve pushed a quick fix to my 2,5 years old photonized project. It’s a simple and easy-to-use image resizer and optimizer (based on photon). I’ve personally tested it on the large-scale websites under the high traffic (behind the CDN ofc) and it works quite well with the minimum configurations. So, you can consider as battle-tested.

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The Tech and The Wealth It Creates

I made my appointment for the first dose of the BioNTech vaccine today, and (once again) I’m grateful that we are living in such a good time. When we look the past outbreaks, the development time of the vaccine is quite fascinating. And thankfully we have those technologies which make this happen.

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