Famous hard problems in computer science

I’ve been working hard on the new version of PoweredCache for a while and hope to announce the new version soon (very soon). I found myself repeating famous phrases from Phil Karlton a lot.

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Photonized: On-the-fly image resizer and optimizer

Yesterday I’ve pushed a quick fix to my 2,5 years old photonized project. It’s a simple and easy-to-use image resizer and optimizer (based on photon). I’ve personally tested it on the large-scale websites under the high traffic (behind the CDN ofc) and it works quite well with the minimum configurations. So, you can consider as battle-tested.

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The Tech and The Wealth It Creates

I made my appointment for the first dose of the BioNTech vaccine today, and (once again) I’m grateful that we are living in such a good time. When we look the past outbreaks, the development time of the vaccine is quite fascinating. And thankfully we have those technologies which make this happen.

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naming things is hard, product things are even harder

It’s been a quite long week for me. I wanted to launch my new product at the beginning of the week but it took more than I expected. (Of course, it’s the holiday season, and getting an email response from stakeholders can take longer. )

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