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I’m Joining 10up

I’m excited to announce that, I will be joining 10up as a Senior Web Engineer on next Monday. (Oct, 7)

I always appreciated 10up’s projects and giving-back culture. Now, it’s time to be a part of it 🎉

So long NYT, and thanks for all the fish

my new pair of glasses is shining so bad, yikes!

I worked at (NYT in short) for more than four years, and I’d like to thank all my ex-colleagues and lifelong friends. We accomplished so many great things in terms of “scaling WordPress” and I will always be proud of that.

the last #nytstats from me

We occasionally share some of our stats on Twitter with #nytstats hashtag. Here is my last share, sort of before/after stats.

  • ~70k published posts to ~550k (roughly 8x)
  • ~1M users to 3M+ (3x)
  • Total Database size: 4x (50G with data +index on MySQL)
  • 2,5TB Uploads
  • thousands of commits (I’ve rewritten git history during GitLab transition, not easy to say exact numbers)
  • ~10 major WordPress upgrades
  • numerous API endpoints and migration
  • hundreds of millions of search requests
  • hundreds of deployments (somewhere around 1-2k)

Fun fact: When I started to work at NefisYemekTarifleri, building a new search infrastructure was one of my very first responsibilities and I’ve built with ElasticPress which is a 10up’s plugin 🙂

I’m excited about being a 10upper and looking forward to meeting coworkers. Onward!

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