BuddyPress at Scale

We are using BuddyPress on NYT (largest recipe website of Turkey) and I want to share some ideas and experience about scaling BuddyPress. (We might be second largest BuddyPress user) Continue reading


How to scale 10M+ Search Request with ElasticPress

NefisYemekTarifleri.com (Shortly we call as NYT. (not meaning nytimes for us 🙂 ) is largest recipe site of TURKEY. We have more than 180k recipes that reaching millions of users.We switched our search infrastructure to Elasticsearch at the end of 2015. (I wrote about it.) Our cluster running smoothly for months. Continue reading

Elasticsearch and Nefisyemektarifleri.com


I want to explain how we implemented elasticsearch on NefisYemekTarifleri.com

About NefisYemekTarifleri: nefisyemektarifleri.com is largest recipe site of Turkey. We have more than 120k recipes that reaching millions of users. Continue reading



Today I started to work at Nefisyemektarifleri.com that is one of largest WordPress site. I’m excited to being full time WordPress developer 🙂