Mustafa Uysal

I'm traveling light, it's au revoir…

daily note

  • Oh, Redis!

    Today, I was working on shifting our object caching backend to Redis at NefisYemekTarifleri. And, it didn’t go well.

  • I just replaced my two and a half-year-old iPhone (6s) battery today. The fun fact that, Apple Services are refused to make replacement because I bought my phone from the USA.

  • Oh my!

    I don’t always loop the songs but when I do… Oh my! I should update my avatar on

  • I was listening too much The Cranberries in the age of mp3 players. I can’t remember how many mp3 players I used to but there always a few songs from The Cranberries. Thank you for your beautiful songs. RIP Dolores :'(  

  •   PMM (Percona Monitoring and Management) is one of the best way to keeping MySQL under the control.


  • I’ve started to use rescuetime about a year ago and it helped me to improve productivity. Because you can’t improve what you don’t measure – Peter Drucker

  • State of me!

    First of all, I’m very workaholic man that can handle multiple task at the same time.I want to write about my current state and responsibilities. 

  • Today is my birthday  and have passed the quarter century.

  •   I’ve completed archery course and hope I’ll get my license soon 🙂