PMM (Percona Monitoring and Management) is one of the best way to keeping MySQL under the control.

Installation is super easy, I’m writing for Ubuntu but you can find more detail on installation page.

Setting up the server

a) Data Container

$ docker create \
   -v /opt/prometheus/data \
   -v /opt/consul-data \
   -v /var/lib/mysql \
   -v /var/lib/grafana \
   --name pmm-data \
   percona/pmm-server:1.0.7 /bin/true

b) Server Container

$ docker run -d \
   -p 80:80 \
   --volumes-from pmm-data \
   --name pmm-server \
   --restart always \

Installing Client

a) Setup

$ wget$(lsb_release -sc)_all.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i percona-release_0.1-4.$(lsb_release -sc)_all.deb
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install pmm-client

b) Connecting to server

$ sudo pmm-admin config --server

c) Data Collection

 sudo pmm-admin add mysql

PMM comes with Grafana and Prometheus you can see really cool metrics 🙂

Thanks Percona for PMM 👍




Published by Mustafa Uysal

troubleshooter at WPHandle and full-stack developer at the largest Turkish recipe website (#NYT)

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