First of all, I’m very workaholic man that can handle multiple task at the same time.I want to write about my current state and responsibilities. 

As a student: I believe lifelong learning, we need to improve ourselves by learning also still a formal student and I need to write my master’s thesis at next semester.

As an employer:  My own company goes well. I want to launch new services in 2016. So, too long development cycle and production process waiting me.

As an employee: I work for for full-time job. I’m writing code, managing servers, keeping up elasticsearch cluster etc…

As an open source contributor: I’m author for 12 WordPress plugins and I’m trying to keep up to date also replying support requests for them.

As a blogger: I wrote about WordPress at and sometimes I write here and Turkish blog.(this is not a job of course, but we can count wpnotlari)

Great responsibility comes great power


  • I’m managing 40+ servers (counting all servers that I have root access, not only full-time) and reaching millions of users per month and 100M+ pageviews.
  • managing backups more than 10 website and keeping them secure.
  • developing new things, fixing bugs, adding API endpoints etc…
  • dealing with paperworks for my own company.

I hope 2016 will be a productive year for me.


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