Mustafa Uysal

I'm traveling light, it's au revoir…

  • In a posthumous new album, Leonard Cohen has robbed death of the last word. The new album will be released on November 22. I’m excited about the master’s final work. RIP Legend!

  • Great talk by Rasmus Lerdorf. (especially the final part)

  • After a long break ( 3 years ) I’ve attended WordCamp Europe this year again. It was the largest WordPress event in history and one of the largest tech events I ever attended.

  • Oh, Redis!

    Today, I was working on shifting our object caching backend to Redis at NefisYemekTarifleri. And, it didn’t go well.

  • Photo by Jahoo Clouseau from Pexels

  • I just finished the setup of a brand new Graylog 3 server and wanted to share my configuration for sending HAProxy logs. I’m not digging into the server setup. It’s super simple; you can find out docker-compose configuration on the official docs.

  • The big bang theory and GOT were two of my favorite series that I’ve been watching since college and, they are over now.

  • As a challenging part of working at the, first three days Ramadan is the busiest time for us. We get max requests during that period. So, I just wanted to highlight some stats for taking note to myself and sharing some stats about WordPress at scale.

  • My personal websites (this one and have been on the multisite for years and finally, I’ve migrated them to separate installation.

  • One of my favorite series is POI and this quote from the last episode. (It ended over the years ago)