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  • One of my favorite series is POI and this quote from the last episode. (It ended over the years ago)

  • This is the continuation post of my previous post “Advanced Database classes for WordPress“. Please read that post before continue unless you are not familiar with advanced database classes for WP. Well, it’s time to see some configurations and ideas about how Hyper-DB or relevant DB classes might help you to scale.

  • Let’s talk about WordPress’ advanced database classes. I’m explicitly mentioning HyperDB, but there are other alternatives/forks out there;

  • Logs are the answer that when something goes wrong. When you work on an enterprise scale, you need a centralized logging mechanism. (You can’t jump one server to other and tail that streams)

  • We are using old WP-REST-API aka (JSON-REST-API)  for years and time to move on WordPress’ core REST API.

  • This post has been outdated, probably the technique is still valid and works for most cases but there is a better way to manage plugin deployments with GitHub actions, use 10up deploy actions. Learn more. I like to use git for my plugins and deploy them to’s svn from git. I’m using scribu’s scripts and…

  • We are using BuddyPress on NYT (largest recipe website of Turkey) and I want to share some ideas and experience about scaling BuddyPress. (We might be second largest BuddyPress user)

  •   WordCamp Europe was the first WordCamp which I attended. I met a lot of people from all over the world. It was amazing experience, thank y’all who participated #WCEU

  • First of all I have to admit I use them, my customers use as well. But It doesn’t change the fact, most of “premium themes” like a piece of shit!

  • (Shortly we call as NYT. (not meaning NYTimes for us 🙂 ) is largest recipe site of TURKEY. We have more than 180k recipes that reaching millions of users. We switched our search infrastructure to Elasticsearch at the end of 2015. (I wrote about it.) Our cluster running smoothly for months.