Deploying from Git

I like to use git for my plugins, and deploying them to’s svn from git . I’m using scribu’s scripts and I did small modifications on it  –

1) Directory Structure

I’m using my-plugins directory on Desktop and it looks like


2) Symlink to project

When I need to work on my plugins, just symlink to current WordPress’ plugins directory.

3) Deploy like a Boss

After works done, just run “plugin-deploy” command. I’ve added “plugin-deploy” as alias, you can add them to export path as well.

alias plugin-deploy='sh /Users/mustafauysal/scripts/'

alias plugin-tag='sh /Users/mustafauysal/scripts/'


1) Use WP-CLI to generate plugins
You can use wp scaffold plugin foo-bar to generate “foo-bar” plugin, these scripts will respect .distignore file (Your plugins will be clean on

2) Don’t tag plugins which contains too many objects
Yeah, I did that mistake for my plugin and..

Interrupted 2-3 times. Yikes!

Interrupted 2-3 times. Yikes!




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