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Hello, 33!

As the Earth completes another orbit around the sun, marking yet another journey of 365 days, I find myself standing at the threshold of my 33rd year.

Thirty-three years on this planet – what a journey it has been! Each year has been a chapter in the book of life, filled with lessons, joys, and challenges…

Reflecting on the Past, Embracing the Future

As a software developer and product maker, my journey hasn’t just been about personal growth, but also about professional evolution. The worlds of technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity have been my playground, teaching me about innovation, resilience, and the importance of continuous learning.

I have to admit, the latest progress in AI is both exciting and a bit worrying for me. AI has turned into a really powerful tool and it looks like it’s going to stick around, even though there might be some rules and regulations coming. For now, I think I’m making good use of AI while we have the chance 😬.

Each project, each line of code, and each product launched has been a stepping stone, building towards a legacy I hope to leave in the digital realm.

The contribution graph on GitHub isn’t particularly significant to me, but it does offer some insights into my projects. HandyPlugins consists of 15 repositories, while Powered Cache encompasses 7 projects (excluding forks). Adding in WP Handle and my personal projects, I am currently managing over 40+ projects of varying sizes. This is quite an achievement for a solo entrepreneur, in my opinion, especially considering that coding isn’t my sole focus.

Hello, 33!

So, what does being 33 mean to me? (other than plate code of hometown) It’s a time to celebrate the achievements, learn from the setbacks, and set new goals. It’s about embracing change, chasing dreams, and continuing to evolve both professionally and personally…

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