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NYT Stats: Ramadan 2019

As a challenging part of working at the, first three days Ramadan is the busiest time for us. We get max requests during that period. So, I just wanted to highlight some stats for taking note to myself and sharing some stats about WordPress at scale.

Max session rate: 615
Max sessions: 8015
Unique Visitor: ~2M/day (including mobile apps)
Pageviews: 5M+ /day
App Screenviews: 25M+ /day

Memcached Instances:

I hate to see eviction while the instances still have the memory. Probably this is not peak, just got a screenshot in a prime-time period. is not just a “read-only” platform, so varnish is not able to solve all caching problems, and we have a large number of logged-in users. In this case, the persistent object caching is the solution.

We split caching groups across multiple servers, this is why options cache hits %100. (none of them is crucial as much as “options” group)

Loadbalancers (HAProxy)

traffic spikes πŸ“ˆ

Loadbalancers consume pretty normal bandwidth, not a big deal πŸ™‚ And we served ~72M requests within ~110 hours.


We split CDN traffic between multiple providers and one of them is not providing real-time stats. So, it’s hard to say a certain number, but as my previous experience probably we’ve seen ~2.6 Gbps


one of our MySQL instances

MySQL instances run smoothly, and we didn’t do anything specific to MySQL at this year.

In terms of row count, usermeta contains 32M+ rows and the biggest table is postmeta which is around 8G.

Overall we made the right calculations in terms of resource scheduling, and I hope that stack keep serving without any issue πŸ™ƒ

We occasionally share stats under the #nytstats hashtag on Twitter, you can keep following future updates.

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