Today’s Software is Terrible

Originally posted on JJJ:
Are you a software developer? I am, and everyday I’m embarrassed by my profession. Every single day, I run across some website, app, program or plugin that is egregiously broken; embarrassingly broken; 5000-developers-with-six-figure-salaries-and-free-catered-lunches-and-still-can’t-get-it-right, broken. Apps on my phone, tablet, computer, tv, and car, crash constantly, sometimes resulting in actual data loss.…

How to scale 10M+ Search Request with ElasticPress (Shortly we call as NYT. (not meaning nytimes for us 🙂 ) is largest recipe site of TURKEY. We have more than 180k recipes that reaching millions of users.We switched our search infrastructure to Elasticsearch at the end of 2015. (I wrote about it.) Our cluster running smoothly for months.