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Yandex Metrica Plugin Released!

Last week I’ve released yandex metrica plugin.

What I’ve learned this release?

  • Don’t release your project until adequate testing: I’ve released two sub-version of plugin in the same night. (really nightmare for me, because I must woke up that morning for work)
  • Don’t be hasty: Bug fix important thing for every software. But don’t make mistake and check it again again until the release new version. When I was publish version 0.1.1 forget to update something and then ~3 hours later version 0.1.2 released 🙂
  • Phpstorm is really best IDE for php development. I didn’t try version control feature of Phpstorm before, but it’s easy way to send git or svn 😉
  • Banner image important for plugin directory: I’m not good at graphics (I know) but I always want to use banner image for plugins. It’s make your plugin exclusive.

Last of here is my plugin. Download it for use yandex metrica service 😉

  1. Fatih Toprak Avatar

    Mustafa great work. Usually lot of web developer start using Yandex.Metrica services like me 🙂 This plugin make easy somenthing. Thanks for your share.

    1. mustafa Avatar

      You are welcome. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

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